How has technology changed the legal profession?

By Roberto Huie posted 10-21-2020 23:43


Has technology changed the way lawyers do their job? The answer is definitely “Yes”. Want to find out how it has impacted the legal profession? Keep reading below. 

Today, technology is the catalyst by which the entire world turns, including the legal world. Over the past several years, like pretty much all industries, the legal profession has significantly changed thanks to technology.  How is the Internet changing the practice of law for lawyers? Here’s how: 

The Internet connects lawyers with their clients

First things first, the Internet has helped lawyers to be found a lot easier by their clients. At the same time, it allows clients in need of legal advice to connect with lawyers really fast and easy. 

Back in the days before the Internet was so widespread, finding a good lawyer was a bit more complex process than making a Google search. You had to ask your peers for recommendations, find attorneys offices and visit them to find a lawyer. This was a time-consuming and stressing process. 

Nowadays, think about it: if you’d need legal advice, the chances are that you’d first look on the Internet for lawyers in your area. What’s more, you’d also most likely read online reviews of lawyers to make sure you choose the best one. The Internet is the place where lawyers and clients can connect within seconds. 

Access to information

Besides providing the channels to find lawyers really easy and quickly, the Internet also gives people access to legal information. 

Nowadays, a simple search on Google can teach you a lot of stuff about a certain legal matter, including the laws, the evidence you need to win the case, and how the entire process will be from the moment you connect with your lawyer to the moment your case either wins, loses, or gets dismissed. 

By having access to so much legal information, you can also make sure that your lawyer is doing their best to prove that you are right because you are an informed client. 

Evidence finding and keeping  

Technology has also changed the way lawyers build their cases, including how they gather evidence. While more than a decade ago they did all of their legal research using books, a lot of information is now available online. Today, most of that research is done electronically with legal research databases. 

What’s more, technology helps lawyers to find evidence relevant to their cases. Take truck accident cases, for example. A New Orleans Personal Injury Attorney who specializes in laws and legal procedures surrounding accidents can use the footage as evidence in court to prove that their clients aren’t responsible for the accident. 

Online case estimates

Not sure how much legal advice would cost you? You can easily find the answer online by getting free cost estimates from the lawyers in your area. Most law firms have a website where you can ask for a free quote for their services. Based on the type of legal advice you need, you can quickly find out how much money you’d have to pay for the lawyer’s services.